Hey there! I am SO glad you are considering hiring Becca Bishop Photography to capture this special moment in your life. 

Located in beautiful Southwest Florida, I specialize in natural light portrait photography. I capture those special once-in-a-lifetime moments, frozen in time, blended with the beautiful canvas of nature, sunlight, beach, and greenery. 

Whether it is the moment you say "I Do", the moment you tell the world you are going to be a parent, or the moment you realize your life is full of blessings as you smile down at your children.

My passion, my mission, and my promise to you, is to capture those single special moments and transform them into lifelong memories, telling a story of your life, your happiness, and your love.

I'M Becca! naptime HUSTLER, Bonus Bridesmaid, and friend

hello, friend

a little bit about me

If you've made it this far, you are probably wondering a little bit about who I am! Here are some fun facts about me!

1. I tried to avoid Cocomelon at all costs, but epically failed, however I still don't know the songs...but ask me about Little Baby Bum and I got you there!

2. I have about 5 basic meals I cook regularly (my meatloaf is pretty amazing), to the boredom of my luckily, I am married to a Chef who can mix it up for us! 

3. Netflix and Prime originals are my jam, however, I am unashamedly obsessed with the Vampire Diaries franchise and their spinoffs (enter Netflix)

4. I grew up in Orlando and I am a true Disney baby...let's just say my husband will turn on a movie on Disney Plus, and I will know what it is from the very first musical note!